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Mixed Faith

A community for anyone raised in a mixed faith family

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An open community for anyone raised by or raising a mixed faith family
Welcome to mixed_faith, a community for respectful religious discussion for anyone raised in a mixed faith family. Growing up with two different religions--or without any religion--can be confusing, and unfortunately, there aren't many people who can help us through it.

Rules: You're welcome to discuss anything you like here, from cultural differences to theism to family traditions. All we ask is that you're respectful and refrain from flaming, insulting posts, etc. Remember everyone's entitled to an opinion.

Before jumping in, we'd like to ask that you post an introduction first, just to give everyone a point of reference (and so you don't have to keep explaining who you are over and over!). This format should cover all the basics:

Name: [first names are fine]
Age: [optional]
Religious background:
Your beliefs:

Please let us know if your religion isn't listed in our 'Interests,' and we'll add it asap!